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The Baranya County prayer group was established

On the joint initiative of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group Foundation and the leadership of the Baranya County Municipality, the Prayer Group of the County Municipality was founded for the first time in the country on December 10, 2023, in Baranya County, following the example of the prayer group established in the Parliament.

Imre Vejkey, leader of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group, László Felföldi, bishop of the Pécs Diocese, and representatives of historical denominations also took part in the festive event. The purpose of the newly created prayer group is to strengthen ecumenism at the domestic and international level, to strengthen the stand for the gospel truth in the created world, to give increased protection to Christian values in Europe and Hungary, together with Judeo-Christian culture.

The Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group Foundation - in accordance with its stated purpose - supported the creation of the prayer group, which is also included in its creed: 

“We believe that the Lord does not want us to be his good disciples in isolation from each other and the world, but rather in a brotherly relationship and proclaiming his truth to the world!”

We believe that the commitment to the truth of our Lord helps us to listen more and more to the word of our Soul in our decisions, which makes us truer people.

“We believe that a righteous person first turns to the Lord in whatever he does, so that a worthy result of his work can be achieved!”

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