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The Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group held its last annual Advent prayer breakfast

The 145th prayer breakfast of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group took place on 12 December 2023.

In the introduction of the Advent prayer breakfast, Imre Vejkey, the leader of the prayer group, thanked all those who helped and supported the operation of the prayer group, and then the participants prayed together for the quick recovery of the patients.

In the daily Gospel passage (Matthew 18:12-14) he shared one of Jesus’ parables about the good shepherd. Jesus Christ is our good shepherd, who does not wish the weak and sinners to perish, and who is more pleased to find one lost sheep than ninety-nine who remain in the flock. According to Imre Vejkey, it is especially important to ask ourselves the question during Advent: how far have we strayed from the flock? Are we able to love? He said that overflowing with love and generous, we should prepare for the coming of Christ with an open heart.

Dr. György Bakondi, Emeritus Chair of the Board of Trustees, stated that in this special Advent season, full of anticipation, it is extremely important to cling to the Lord. As he said, Christmas has the power to ensure the survival of nations. To help us get closer to the Lord, Mr. Emeritus Chair of the Board of Trustees started a twenty-four-hour prayer chain in which prayer group members can pray together.

According to prayer group member Mónika Bartos, amidst the temptations and trials that arise in our daily lives, we can easily find ourselves in doubt, since evil always finds a way to stand between us and the Advent candle flame. However, we must trust in the Lord and nurture our relationship with Him, as He travels in our boat during every storm.

The special guest of the Advent prayer breakfast, Mr. Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler, spoke about the close relationship between Hungarians and Christianity, which goes back centuries. In his historical perspective, he showed that the Hungarian people encountered Christianity long before the founding of the state. As he said, the Christian Hungarian Kingdom founded by King Saint Stephen and the offering of the Holy Crown to the Virgin Mary definitively marked the path of the Hungarian nation, which has stood on solid foundations ever since. He emphasized that our kings of the Árpád house served for several centuries as an example of outstanding Christian culture for the country and the whole of Europe.

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