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Prayer breakfast

On February 6, 2024, the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group held its first prayer breakfast of the year, at which Dr. György Urkuti, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and former Chair of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group Foundation, prayed with the prayer group thanks to his stay in Hungary.

Imre Vejkey, the leader of the prayer group, greeted those present, after which he quoted the daily Gospel. (Mark 7:1-13). According to the New Testament story, Jesus taught the people and the Pharisees to follow the command of the Lord instead of respecting their own traditions. The leader of the prayer group put it this way: we honor the Lord not only with our lips and mere words, but with our deeds and our hearts. Jesus warned everyone against hypocrisy and judging others by their own standards. Instead, he taught us to see and love our fellow human beings through the eyes of the Lord. He pointed out that the emphasis should not be placed on external appearances, but that our souls should be cleansed and kept clean through repentance.

According to Dr. György Bakondi, Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees, Jesus Christ calls us all by name. We all get tasks from him. To be able to follow him on the way and fulfill the task assigned to us, reading and studying the Scriptures can help us. By expanding our knowledge and reading the Gospel every day, we can strengthen our personal relationship with the Lord.

At the prayer breakfast, Ambassador Dr. György Urkuti, remembering our brother Tamás Turgyán, who died tragically in January, emphasized that we never know when our earthly pilgrimage will end, so we must live in such a way that we are always ready when the Lord calls us to him. He also emphasized the importance of reading the Holy Scriptures, through which we can hear the word of God directly.

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