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Prayer breakfast on the feast of Saint Joseph

On March 19, 2024, the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group held its 149th prayer breakfast, which was also special due to the feast of Saint Joseph, the betrothed of the Holy Virgin.

In his introduction, Imre Vejkey, the leader of the prayer group, read a passage from the book of Samuel, in which the Lord told David through the prophet Nathan that He would establish his royal throne forever. The following daily Gospel message (Mt. 1:16-18-21) commemorates St. Joseph, whom it refers as a righteous man. This indicates that he was a religious person who tried to implement God's laws in his life. One of the signs of his faith is that he understood the visions he received in his dream and acted on them.

In the Gospel passage, we can also read about such a vision, from which Joseph learned from God's messenger, the angel, that his betrothed, Mary, would soon have a child thanks to the help of the Holy Spirit, and he received the message that he should marry Mary. Joseph had no doubt that the message really came from God. During the night vision, he also recognized his own vocation and task. After the thoughts of the gospel section, Imre Vejkey spoke about how our task is to recognize and fulfill the Lord's command, and thereby become righteous people.

Dr. György Bakondi, Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees, emphasized that our most important task is to listen to the Lord's will and act according to it. He said that - just like Joseph - we were all called by name, and the Lord called us. The task assigned to us may not always seem easy, but with His help we can accomplish it, whether it is related to our family or our work.

Imre Vejkey summarized the comments and thoughts at the end of the prayer breakfast. As he said, we can also experience the presence of God in today's world, who always gives us new tasks if we are willing to walk with an open heart and listen to his word.

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