The Baranya County prayer group was established

On the joint initiative of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group Foundation and the leadership of the Baranya County Municipality, the Prayer Group of the County Municipality was founded for the first time in the country on December 10, 2023, in Baranya County, following the example of the prayer group established in the Parliament.

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Leo van Doesburg visited Budapest

The members of the leadership of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group, Imre Vejkey, Emeritus Chair Dr. György Bakondi, and Chair of the Board of Trustees Dr. Katalin Tóth met Mr. Leo van Doesburg, the Executive Director of the Israel Allies Foundation Europe after the prayer breakfast on October 24, 2023. Mr. Doesburg is also the director and political advisor for European Affairs for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM).

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The Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group visited Washington D.C

The two-member delegation of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group - Dr. Róbert Szendrei, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group Foundation, and prayer group member Márk Aurél Érszegi - participated with nearly 500 guests at the National Day of Prayer and Fasting that was organized for the second time, held at the Washington Bible Museum.

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