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Our creed


The lines of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and the prophet Jeremiah’s message of peace at the same time blending into each other and straining against each other carry all the questions that arise so often today. For the spiritual answers of these questions Zoltán Balog, László Kövér and Imre Vejkey after a long hiatus revived the so-called parliamentary prayer hours for the Hungarian members of parliament and their colleagues in the spring of 2007. The location of the parliamentary prayer hours was the Hold street church of the German-speaking Reformed Parish based on Mr. Zoltán Balog's offer.

The Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group is basically rooted in the Hungarian parliamentary prayer hours (the dead seed sprouted). At the same time it cannot be denied that it is simultaneously nourished by the "National Prayer Breakfast" movement.

The Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group has been operating "de facto" for nine years, but "de jure" decided to establish itself as an effective parliamentary group on December 3, 2019, headed by dr. Imre Vejkey.

In the past nine years, 110 Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast meetings have taken place. In the beginning, the members of the Prayer Group gathered every six months, then quarterly, then monthly, and finally every two weeks. In the past nine years, the locations of the Prayer Group meeting, in chronological order, were as follows:

  • Until the start of the autumn parliamentary term of 2016, the meeting room of the Committee of Immunity of the House of Representatives (Széchenyi quay 19. 5th floor 556),
  • 2016. őszi parlamenti ciklustól a 2018. évi országgyűlési választásokat követő parlamenti alakulóülésig – Balog Zoltán akkori EMMI Miniszter úr felajánlása alapján – EMMI Tükörterme (1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 3. I.emelet),
  • From the parliamentary session following the 2018 parliamentary elections until December 2019, the hall of the Judicial Committee of the Hungarian Parliament (1055 Budapest, Kossuth square 1-3. Main floor 61, Imre Nagy room),
  • From December 2019 to the present day, room number 30 of the Hungarian Parliament, Dome Hall main floor, specifically as a room for the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group.

Its purpose

The goal of the HPPG Foundation is to support the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group in its domestic and international activities. The goal of the HPPG Foundation is to facilitate the establishment of as many Prayer Groups as possible in connection with the Hungarian Parliament Prayer Group. The goal of the HPPG Foundation is to strengthen ecumenism at the domestic and international level. The purpose of the HPPG Foundation is to strengthen the stand for evangelical truth in the created world.

The goal of the HPPG Foundation is to promote the protection of Christian values in Hungary and around the world, together with Judeo-Christian culture.

The purpose of the HPPG Foundation is also to promote peace and cooperation between the parliaments, congresses and senates of different countries, to the glory of the Lord.

In order to achieve its goals, the HPPG Foundation supports the operations, meetings and events of the Hungarian Parliamentary Prayer Group, as well as the maintenance of international relations and the establishment of new ones.

The HPPG Foundation supports the implementation of domestic and foreign events that meet its goals, the organization of lectures and the publication of books.

Its creed

GOD IS THE LORD OF HISTORY, who made a Covenant with man so that communion with Him could be restored.

We remember and remind you of this Communion.

The central element of our credo is Prayer.

Prayer is nothing but a response to the Lord's invisible call, a response to the fact that even though we cannot see him, he is still here with us, he is here in our holidays and everyday life, he is here in our personal lives, our troubles and our successes.

Hisszük, hogy az Úr az Evangéliumon és a mindennap eseményein keresztül tanít minket, csak fel kell ismernünk! Ezért napról-napra kutatnunk kell, hogy mit is mond számunkra – éppen aktuális élethelyzetünkben – a napi Igeszakasz!

We believe that the Lord does not want us to be his good disciples in isolation from each other and the world, but rather in a brotherly relationship and proclaiming his truth to the world.

We believe that the commitment to the truth of our Lord helps us to listen more and more to the word of our Soul in our decisions, which makes us truer people.

We believe that the righteous man first turns to the Lord for whatever he does, so that a worthy result of his work can be achieved. It is important to build our lives on a rock and to believe that through prayer, not only we look to the Lord, but He also looks to us. And in looking at us through this prayer, the entire Holy Trinity is revealed to us, that is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we can experience what has been present in the depths of our hearts since our baptism through the Holy Spirit.

We believe that we are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for the other person. May the Lord grant that this responsibility guides as many of us as possible.